@ N & M’s wedding

2012 Ni Mi Wedding2
The altar is the holy place – for many weddings I helped in decoration, I always emphasize this has to be clean and elegance at the altar. It’s important to keep the table runner on top of it to keep away wax from dripped onto it. // The welcome table is the first place guests will see, having the crystals that was originally from a chandelier that belongs to the groom’s family was an fabulous idea to decorate the area, they shine and they are up scale elements to add to a wedding setting // The pews are decorated with the burlap wrapped flowers. This is the main theme of this wedding – vintage with handmade. Ball’s jars are also worked well to store the LED tea light, added these lights to every other pew to bright the aisle where the bride walked at. It’s something new at this church’s setting.
2012 Ni Mi Wedding3
The elements I used for this photo gallery are mainly the vintage photo frames that are in gold and brown colors. The bird cage and bird lamp were my own collection from the antique show, and they became good use and the focal point to this photo gallery. Adding string lighting along the photo gallery definitely helps boosting up the beauty of each photo. Wine corks and vintage buttons were collected ahead of time to go with this theme.