Learning how to use Instagram!

Long time no see! Summer and early fall were kinda busy on my end, downsized from a house to an apartment! But life is still good, my cats, Oreo and Mocha adapted their new home right away!

What am I up to these day? Making lot of new items and working on the social media project, hope to recover photos of what I’ve made in the past, consolidate them into Instagram!

Honestly, I think I am better at throwing pots then doing “marketing!” Anyway, here is what I find on Instagram (ig) — they made a label for me! You can scan it with you phone if you have an ig! Isn’t that cool?  Follow me and you will see lot of Oreo and Mocha’s cute photos and video. Btw, they are 20 months old already, not kittens anymore but they are still really cute! And, of course, you will all the working progress in my pottery journey! My SHOP is also reopened again, please take a look!


ig scan